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Published on: March 3, 2006

It had to happen after I got it nice, nicer and also more popular at Squidoo.com.

I made it to the Top 100 Lenses for Art, moving to position #41 in that category and #347 over all topics working my way up to the Top 100 Lenses. I was in the middle of adding content when everything fall apart on their end.

Half of my “Lens” about ASCII and ANSI Text Art at Squidoo is gone. Text is missing, Images (Flickr), Amazon References, RSS Feeds and all related links. Ahhhh!!!!!!

Squidoo Support! Help! I contacted them and hope that the can recover the previous version. It’s easier for me to add again the new stuff than to re-create the old.

The site is still a mess. No Flickr Images are displayed. None of the RSS Feeds is working amd the technorati.com search doesn’t work either.

I am so mad , but I can’t do anything right now but wait that they got their stuff fixed at Squidoo.com. Then I have to clean up the mess and will try to recover as much of the content as I can and reconstruct the rest from memory as good as I can.

Squidoo.com is still beta, but you should try it out anyway. It’s fun and they add stuff all the time. But learn from my problem and save the content of your Lens(es) somewhere. What happend to me can happen to you too. My other Lenses at Squidoo.com (followed by their “Lens Rank” today:

My “Merchant Product Datafeeds for Affilates – 101″ Lens #649
My “BBS” – Bulletin Board System Lens #1,301
My “Affiliate Marketing” Lens #2,699


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