1st Blog entry. An Introduction is in order

“Who the heck is Roy? What does SAC stand for? and last but not least, What has ASCII to do with Art?” … Well, you are still here so I guess you will find out :)

SAC was part of the Underground Computer Art Scene during the time of DOS and BBS’s.
SAC is short for Superior Art Creations and yes, I came up with this ingenious Name in 1994.

It’s about TEXT Art, also known as ASCII and ANSI Art, a very rare form of ART which had it’s prime in the early 90’s before the realm of the Internet. People that knew how to operate computers well and even loved it were still considered “Geeks” and the stuff on the mind of those geeks were things like Hacking, Phreaking, Anarchy and Warez 😉 (then Girls).

I officially retired from the Founder/Leader position in 1999 and as Member on 7/6/2001.
The offical SAC Website moved from http://www.superiorart.org/ to www.SuperiorArtCreations.com (still under construction though).

My official Homepage is located at http://www.RoySAC.com/default.asp.

All SAC Art Packs can be downloaded there, also all PPE’s (PCBoard Bulletin Board Scripts) developed by SAC and PNS, graphical tools and more.

Tons of related links and merchandising you can not find everywhere as easily and condensed in one place which is also highly related to computer art and design is showcased and last but not least an article about The 3 ASCII Art Styles of the Underground …with screenshots to illustrate it.

Well, I guess plenty of reasons to stop by one time when you have a minute.

Cheers, Carsten Cumbrowski a.k.a. Roy/SAC

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Published on: February 4, 2006

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