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ATE – Ansi Text Editor 1.0Beta

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Published on: June 18, 2014
I finally got around to write this tool. It was on my to-do list for quite some time now. I already wrote ANSI converters (link 2) and most recently a Font Tool for the old MS-DOS ANSI Editor TheDraw (Font Tool Homepage), so it was only a natural progression to write something like this editor. ANSI Text Art Editor is an ANSI text editing tool very similar to PabloDraw, ACiDDraw, TheDraw, TundraDraw, TetraDraw or AnsiDraw, but unlike the better half of them for Windows 32bit and 64bit Computers and not MS DOS. For the folks who hate reading, visit the special ATE – Ansi Text Editor Home Page to download the Program. The Editor is still in Beta and not 100% stable. There are also bugs here and there which I am currently working on eliminating. Nevertheless, I think the current state of the tool allows me to make it public, especially to be able to get some feedback, comments and suggestions from you guys out there, who are still into good old ANSI/ASCII Text Art like me :). Post them here at the blog or use my sites contact form. You will recognize many features from the mentioned editors. This tool has some unique features of its own though, such as: ANSI Font System (to Create, Edit and Use Custom ANSI Fonts) similar to the one provided by TheDraw (but without the limitations in width/height). Import and Export option for TheDraw fonts. Smart Vertical & Horizontal Flip Tool Flat[…]

.TDF TheDraw Fonts File Tool

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Published on: April 29, 2014
After my blog post about the .TDF Fonts file specification is decided to write a little tool myself. I also have a large collection of TheDraw ANSI fonts to check out. The Editor “TheDraw” is also available for download here. To be able to run the Editor, you require an emulator for MS-DOS. I recommend DOSBOX, which is also available for download in my downloads section. .TDF Files are font files for TheDraw, the ANSI Text Editor for MS-DOS. The Editor comes with a tool for managing .TDF files called TDFONTS.EXE, but my tool provides some features that are not provided by the original tool. Also my tool is for Windows, meaning that you don’t need an MS DOS Emulator like DOSBOX etc. to run it. Main Tool Window The Features Instant Preview of the Font(s) (80×25 and 80×50 mode are available) Re-Arrange Order of Fonts in Collection (Including Sorting Fonts by Title) Add/Remove Fonts Rename FontsSimply double-click on the title column of the font. Change SpacingSimply double-click on the spacing column of the font. Change Font Type: “Outline” to “Color” or “Block“, “Block” to “Color” or “Color” to “Block“Simply double-click on the Type column of the font. Create a Fonts Collection of all your TheDraw fonts and save it as .TDFX proprietary Collection File Save Collection as .TDF Fonts File Collection Export Individual Fonts as .TDF Fonts File Export Font Preview as Image or Text Supported Image Formats: .PNG, .BMP, .JPG, .ICO, .GIF, .TIF, .EMF, .WMF Supported Text Formats:[…]

ASCII to Unicode Converter Suite 2.0B Released

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Published on: June 11, 2010

Welcome to a new installment of my ASCII to Unicode/HTML converter tool. I renamed it to ???Suite???, because there are actually three individual tools part of the whole package. Main focus is still the conversion of ???High-ASCII??? or ???Block ASCII??? art for the display on your web site, but it offers a few more things than that also. Release Notes A little toolset that converts MS DOS ASCII files, such as NFO???s or FILE_ID.DIZ text files (Code Page 437, USA and other) to HTML encoded Unicode (Output is still an ASCII file) that can be used to display the ASCII art, specifically the ???High ASCII??? or?? block ASCII art on a web site. You can also convert the ASCII files to real Unicode Text files for the use in Windows Apps. There are 3 different programs. ???batchconvert2.exe??? is the ASCII to Unicode converter with a simple step by step user interface (see the image, file name: ???Batch-ASCII2WebOrUniCode-Steps20.jpg??? in the sub-folder ???screenshots??? for illustration. ???batchconvert2cli.exe??? provides the same features as ???batchconvert2.exe??? but as an command-line tool for easy batch processing from a .BAT script etc. ???ASCIIConverterExtendedGUI1.exe??? is a new version of my tool with a more user friendly single screen user interface. This version also provides some new features not available in the other two programs. You can convert Unicode text files or HTML encoded Unicode ASCII to MS-DOS ASCII text files. See some screen shots of the interface in the ???screenshots??? sub folder. I decided to only include the .VBS[…]

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