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Roy/SAC Does NOT Automatically Mean SAC

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Published on: February 17, 2010
I had once more some email back and forth with a fellow scener about my OSDM stuff, which seems to create an issue for some folks out there. I never understood what the problem is with my fun releases that I only create for the sake of them while enjoying doing it and showing it to other OSDM fans who are able and willing to appreciate it. I then throw the stuff simply out there that anybody who might be interested in it can look at it too. It???s not a secret ???hobby??? of mine. I am pretty open about it all the time. I already posted about my thoughts about the issue of using a tool such as OSDM in general, the few at what coding is today and what is today different than it was 10-15 years ago. So I won???t go into that subject again right now, because I think that I understood today what the other issue is what some folks seem to have, which does not seem to be about the use of such tool as I believed it to be, but about who creates it and how it is presented. (What Appears to Be) The (Real) Issue It did not occur to me that people would mix my personal OSDM stuff with official SAC productions and releases, something that I also not knowingly encouraged to do. I avoided to reference to my OSDM stuff within the official SAC content on my Website, which resides[…]
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