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Open Letter to YouTube/Google from an Active ???You-Tuber???

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Published on: April 9, 2010
Introductory Note to this Blog Post: Here is the content of the open letter that I just wrote and sent to YouTube support. I hope that they forward it to the appropriate entity at their company to have a closer look and hopefully also act on it appropriately. The general issue is Copyright Laws that they cannot change, but the way how they deal with the situations that are a consequence of IMO insufficient laws in an environment they were not designed for and weren???t even envisioned when those laws were put in place to begin with. The Letter: This letter was written in response to the YouTube Account Inquiry #572435220 regarding the termination of the YouTube account ???CirqueDuSoleilGuru??? on December 18, 2009. For whatever reason did your email response from January 6, 2010 to my web inquiry about the suspension of my YouTube account ???CirqueDuSoleilGuru??? on December 18, 2010 show up in my Gmail inbox now, several months later. I was looking for it back in January and did not find any of it. This is weird, but a separate issue. I am pretty sure that YouTube accounts and their content that were suspended 4+ months ago cannot be reactivated and recovered anyway, so there is no urgency to the situation anymore and my comments can be classified as detailed user feedback, suggestions and complaints from a long time and very active YouTube user who operates multiple personal and professional YouTube accounts for different reasons and purposes. My initial[…]
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