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RTN & Sidekiq Pro Art Requests

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Published on: May 22, 2014
Hi There Folks, Carsten aka Roy/SAC speaking again. This time about Text Art (yeah, can you actually believe it? hehe). It has been ages.. or well at least 2-3 years that I fulfilled any art requests, but yeah, believe it or not, I actually managed to finish two requests for ASCII art, which I both received via PM at DeviantArt. The first one was a complete NFO file design for a group called “Reverse The Noob”, short RTN. Never heard of the group before, so no clue what kind of stuff they release. I decided to go with a Newskool ASCII design (I did that for both ASCII requests actually). Next to the logo I also created the NFO file body for the release information and member lists etc. The second request was somewhat commercial in nature, although I myself did not get paid for this (that’s a principle of mine, remember?*). It’s for a developer tool called “Sidekiq Pro“. Here is what the web site for the tool has to say about itself: Sidekiq Pro is a collection of useful functionality for the open source Sidekiq library. The tools costs $75 per year (subscription model). There you have it. * Note: I wanted to clarify this statement a bit more. Yes, I don’t do art for hire (getting paid to do it), however, I do accept and appreciate voluntary donations to support “the cause” and to help paying the site hosting fees etc. One does not have to do[…]

.TDF TheDraw Fonts File Tool

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Published on: April 29, 2014
After my blog post about the .TDF Fonts file specification is decided to write a little tool myself. I also have a large collection of TheDraw ANSI fonts to check out. The Editor “TheDraw” is also available for download here. To be able to run the Editor, you require an emulator for MS-DOS. I recommend DOSBOX, which is also available for download in my downloads section. .TDF Files are font files for TheDraw, the ANSI Text Editor for MS-DOS. The Editor comes with a tool for managing .TDF files called TDFONTS.EXE, but my tool provides some features that are not provided by the original tool. Also my tool is for Windows, meaning that you don’t need an MS DOS Emulator like DOSBOX etc. to run it. Main Tool Window The Features Instant Preview of the Font(s) (80×25 and 80×50 mode are available) Re-Arrange Order of Fonts in Collection (Including Sorting Fonts by Title) Add/Remove Fonts Rename FontsSimply double-click on the title column of the font. Change SpacingSimply double-click on the spacing column of the font. Change Font Type: “Outline” to “Color” or “Block“, “Block” to “Color” or “Color” to “Block“Simply double-click on the Type column of the font. Create a Fonts Collection of all your TheDraw fonts and save it as .TDFX proprietary Collection File Save Collection as .TDF Fonts File Collection Export Individual Fonts as .TDF Fonts File Export Font Preview as Image or Text Supported Image Formats: .PNG, .BMP, .JPG, .ICO, .GIF, .TIF, .EMF, .WMF Supported Text Formats:[…]

… And More TheDraw ANSI & ASCII Fonts!

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Published on: April 19, 2014
Welcome back Folks, I posted only a couple weeks ago about the re-design and extension of my TheDraw ANSI/ASCII Fonts Collection. But since then, the collection was expanded significantly again. The total number of Fonts was boosted from 112 to 141 (That’s an addition of 29 Fonts)! About half of the new additions are fonts that I found in my existing archives scattered here and there. The other half are fonts that I created new myself. Many of those new fonts that I created for TheDraw are fonts that were created for the ASCII Font Tool “Figlet” using the FIGFonts Standard. Figlet only supports ASCII fonts (no Color) so I created colored versions of some of the fonts all by myself. Most of the new additions that I created are fonts that are complete or almost complete, which is usually rare for existing TheDraw fonts, meaning that next to standard letters and maybe numbers, also a lot of special and punctuation characters are available for those fonts. Check out the updated TheDraw Fonts Collection of mine here! Here is list of most of the additions that I created myself, previously not available as TheDraw Font anywhere. COLOSSAL.TDF.ZIP FRAKTUR.TDF.ZIP ROMANNC2.TDF.ZIP ROMANNS.TDF.ZIP ROMANNSC.TDF.ZIP BLOODLG.TDF.ZIP BLOODLGC.TDF.ZIP COSMIC.TDF.ZIP BLOODSMC.TDF.ZIP BLOODSML.TDF.ZIP GRAFFITI.TDF.ZIP LARRY3D.TDF.ZIP STRIPES.TDF.ZIP STRIPESS.TDF.ZIP USAFLAG.TDF.ZIP PEPPER.TDF.ZIP I hope you enjoy it, Cheers! Carsten aka Roy/SAC

ASCII to Unicode Converter Suite 2.0B Released

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Published on: June 11, 2010

Welcome to a new installment of my ASCII to Unicode/HTML converter tool. I renamed it to ???Suite???, because there are actually three individual tools part of the whole package. Main focus is still the conversion of ???High-ASCII??? or ???Block ASCII??? art for the display on your web site, but it offers a few more things than that also. Release Notes A little toolset that converts MS DOS ASCII files, such as NFO???s or FILE_ID.DIZ text files (Code Page 437, USA and other) to HTML encoded Unicode (Output is still an ASCII file) that can be used to display the ASCII art, specifically the ???High ASCII??? or?? block ASCII art on a web site. You can also convert the ASCII files to real Unicode Text files for the use in Windows Apps. There are 3 different programs. ???batchconvert2.exe??? is the ASCII to Unicode converter with a simple step by step user interface (see the image, file name: ???Batch-ASCII2WebOrUniCode-Steps20.jpg??? in the sub-folder ???screenshots??? for illustration. ???batchconvert2cli.exe??? provides the same features as ???batchconvert2.exe??? but as an command-line tool for easy batch processing from a .BAT script etc. ???ASCIIConverterExtendedGUI1.exe??? is a new version of my tool with a more user friendly single screen user interface. This version also provides some new features not available in the other two programs. You can convert Unicode text files or HTML encoded Unicode ASCII to MS-DOS ASCII text files. See some screen shots of the interface in the ???screenshots??? sub folder. I decided to only include the .VBS[…]

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