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TheDraw Fonts File (.TDF) Specifications

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Published on: April 23, 2014
I spend quite some time on my “FONTS COLLECTION” for the MS DOS ANSI/ASCII Text Editor “TheDraw“. The font file is in binary format and I wondered how it is structured to maybe write later some tools around it, like a Font Viewer for Windows, Converter to and from ANSI and stuff like that. Note that this is not an official specifications document, I reverse engineered it by testing, so there might be cases I am unaware of, although I am pretty confident that I covered everything about it. “TheDraw” Fonts Files have the extension “.TDF” (which is short for “TheDraw Font” duh :)). One .TDF Fonts file is by default designed as a “collection” of multiple fonts, even if it only holds a single font (like after exporting a single font to an extra file). It can hold up to 34 fonts. More are not possible, if used with TheDraw itself or with it’s external TDFONTS.EXE Fonts Editor utility. An empty fonts file without any font in it yet is always 232 bytes in size. The actual character data are always stored after those 232 bytes and can vary in size, depending on the size, type and complexity of the font characters. Every additional font added to the collection is 212 bytes long if without any character data. Font Header OffsetLengthDescriptionSample Value 0 1 Character 19 (13h) 13 1 18 Fix String TheDraw FONTS file 19 1 Character 26 (1Ah) 1A 20 4 Fix 4 Bytes Sequence Indicating the[…]

Blog, Atom, RSS, XML and Syndication/Aggregation ! ?

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Published on: February 21, 2014
Blogs, Blogging, XML, ATOM, RSS explained in simple Words. Written for the regular people using the Internet and not for tech-savvy Geeks. Note: I wrote this post originally in 2006 for another Blog, which is unfortunately offline today (and not coming back). I thought that the post has value to bring it back to life on my personal blog here. It also helps me to revive this blog of mine as well :). Table of Content 1. Foreword 2. Blogs (also called Weblog or Web Log) 3. XML 4. ATOM 5. RSS 6. Readers, Syndication / Aggregation 7. Closing Words 8. Resources 1. Foreword Many folks are not Internet or Computer Newbies, they are using their Laptops and the Internet every day very extensively. Okay, most are not what we call a computer geek and do not know much about web development, databases and how Google works. You don’t have to anymore. Trying to explain something very technical to somebody who’s technical skills end with the ability to program their video recorder* (* =Tivo, but with tape cassettes) is quite a challenge. I tried this during two lunch meetings to explain it to a friend of mine. During the first meeting were my explanations filled to much with technical details and did not help him much to understand the thing any better than before. During the second time did I more reference to things he already new, like Newspaper and Magazine Websites, Email and the News Page on our Website.[…]

OSDM Demo Tutorial ??? New World Order

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Published on: April 17, 2010
I wrote a couple months ago a tutorial for the OSDM Wiki for the creation of my Oldskool Demomaker multi-part demo production ???New World Order???. Unfortunately does it appear to be the case that the tutorial was not indexed by search engines like Google yet, so I decided to republish it at my personal blog once more that people will be able to find it, if they are searching for content like this. Overview New World Order??? – Multipart Demo by Roy/SAC Created in January 2010 with the Oldskool Demomaker (OSDM) V2.01.140 by Peace/Testaware Watch the Video Capture of the Demo and download the Win32 executable here. OSDM Settings File Location: Data\Prefs\Roy – NewWorldOrder-fs.ini (zip download (6.84 KiB) Download All Resources, Images, Objects, Ini, Screen Shots, Tutorial in TXT format and Win32 Exe of the Demo in one ZIP archive here NWO NWO (4.9 MB) The Demo Parts First a break-down of the individual demo parts and which OSDM effects were used for each of those parts. 1. Roy/SAC is Back – Bounce Bobs Effect 2. Roy/SAC Proudly Presents – Sprites Effect – 3D Ball Effect 3. NWO Logo Animation – Sprites Effect 4. Vector Stars – 3D Vector Effect 5. Text and Copper Bars – Mask Effect – Star field Effect – Copper Bars Effect – Amiga Text Effect 6. 3D Balls Carpet – Plasma Effect – Star field Effect – 3D Ball Effect 7. Big Scroller – Plasma Effect – Star field Effect – Scroll Text[…]

Dynasty (DNS) ??? German PC Games Warez Release Group

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Published on: February 24, 2010
In April 1996 three of the four largest and active game warez release groups at the time, Dytec ??? Dynamic Technologies, Vortex and EOD ??? Empire of Darkness merged into a single mega release group called ???Dynasty???. I was co-leader of the Dytec PC section at the time and took an active part in this mega-merger. Dynasty has no homepage today so I decided to put up a page on my web site, where you can read about the creation of the group and also find historic artifacts like Dynasty Crack Intros, CD-Rip Installers, ASCII, ANSI and Pixel Art etc. I thought that this might be a good idea and is part of my continues efforts to preserve scene history for the future. The page can be accessed via this link. Below is a screenshot of the top part of that new page. Dynasty Media Pack Release I also created a media pack release, which contains all the art work and intros created for Dynasty. The pack is much larger than the one that I created earlier for the release group Dytec, because I also included Video captures of the Intros and MP3 recordings of the tracker modules this time. It is still ???only??? about 98 MB in size and what are 98MB nowadays? The NEW – DNS – Dynasty Group Media Collection. Included in this collection are: 7 Dynasty MS DOS PC Intros 2 Dynasty MS DOS CD-RIP Installers 9 Video Captures of Intros and Installers in AVI Format[…]

Cirque du Soleil Touring Shows (Complete List)

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Published on: April 15, 2009
This post is part of my Cirque du Soleil Information Primer Article Series Cirque du Soleil Touring Shows Touring shows are the traditional Circus style like shows that are performed within a big circus tent (called the “Big Top“), which gets wrapped up every few months to be rebuild and made ready in another City somewhere around the world to stay there for a few weeks , perform the show and then move on to the next city. Last Updated: July, 2014.   The first Cirque du Soleil show on tour in 19984 was limited to within Canada and the United States only. It was not until “Saltimbanco” that Cirque shows would be touring internationally and virtually to every continent on this planet (excluding Antarctica for now 😛 ) LeGrand Tour du Cirque du Soleil (1984-85, 16.June 1984, Gaspe, 14.May 1985, Montreal) Director: Franco Dragon?? Director of Creation: Guy Caron Music Composer: Ren?? Dup??r?? Set: Andre Caron Costumes/Props: H??l??ne Dub?? Lighting: Jean Leduc Trainer/Choreographer: Zygmunt Biegaj This show was more like classic circus. I am not aware of any recordings of it. Created to celebrate the 450th anniversary of Jacques Cartier’s (1491-1557) arrival in Gaspe/Canada, it was so well received by audiences that Cirque decided to go on tour with the program within Canada afterwards. The second tour of the show in 1985 is also sometimes referred to as “Le Cirque du Soleil”. La Magie Continue/The Magic Continues (1986, 20.April 1986/18.May 1986, Sherebrook) Director: Franco Dragon?? Director of Creation: Guy[…]
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