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ASCII Nudes Gallery Re-Design

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Published on: April 2, 2014
It was time for a re-design of my ASCII Nudes gallery. I had 3 main goals in mind. Make the original photographs or pictures used by the artists as reference accessible directly within the gallery. Previously those were only available via an older blog post of mine. Allow easier navigation of the gallery. I accomplished that by providing full keyboard control throughout the gallery and by providing the ability to jump to the next piece directly from the detail overlay screen, without the need to go back to the main gallery grid. As mentioned in 2. already. I am using overlays now instead of annoying pop-ups or new browser windows.   The Boss-Key feature is still around, although not via the big red prominent button as before. Now a simple pressing of the letter “b” on your keyboard will do the trick. If you press “b” for a second time, you will be back where you left of before. Keyboard Shortcuts Available in the Detail Overlay: a = show ASCII Version p = show Photo (if available) s = show Side by Side (if available) + = (The + on the Key Pad) Increase Font Size (only available in ASCII View Mode) – = (The – on the Key Pad) Decrease Font Size (only available in ASCII View Mode) d = Download Original ASCII Text File Arrow Right = Next Piece Arrow Left = Previous Piece ESC = Close Overlay h = Show Keyboard Shortcuts Help b = BOSS Key[…]

TheDraw Fonts Collection Revamp and Extension

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Published on: March 28, 2014
Hello Chaps, I already added the Fonts collection for the ANSI Text Editor “TheDraw” back in 2010. Back then I already thought that it would be nice to provide the information for each font, which characters each font supports and to provide a preview to get a good idea how each font looks like. When I launched the collection only a few fonts had this information available and then my site went black for about 2 years and that was that. Well with the re-launch of my site, many of my collections became under scrutiny, I remodeled the navigation and started using JQuery scripts for state of the art overlay effects and dynamic interactions. When I was looking at the Fonts collection for TheDraw, I remembered my original intention and ideas and decided to finally realize it reality. As of now, I show for every font in my collection the available characters. It’s shown in the listings and enlarged for better visibility if you hover with the mouse of a set (see screen shot). While I was at it, I also updated my already existing 2 ANSI and 2 ASCII Fonts as well as 6 fonts by other folks where I added missing characters etc. I created myself 5 entirely new ANSI (colored) fonts to expand my collection. Here are some previews of them. Also shown some of the other updated/extended fonts. LSTSOULS.TDF.ZIP ONKELZ.TDF.ZIP ROYFIVER.TDF.ZIP ROYFOUR.TDF.ZIP ROY-OLDS.TDF.ZIP ROYAFNT1.TDF.ZIP ROYFNT2.TDF.ZIP ROYAFNT1.TDF.ZIP ROYAFNT2.TDF.ZIP DONNOW.TDF.ZIP CODER.TDF.ZIP SPACELNK.TDF.ZIP   Instead of just bulk and[…]

Cirque du Soleil Information Primer

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Published on: February 3, 2008
?? Cirque du Soleil ??? Information ??? Present and Past ??? a special report written by Carsten Cumbrowski. This article contains a lot of information about the creations of Cirque du Soleil in a very compressed and compact format, a 101 article, a primer. If any of your questions about the Cirque is not answered by this primer and if the question is not too specific do not hesitate and contact me directly or via the comments section at this blog to ask me about it. The article grew so big over time that the load time started to suffer significantly. It also became much harder to find specific information quickly. So I decided to break it up into multiple (nine!) posts instead. You can use the provided links to navigate around this collection of articles about Cirque du Soleil on this web site. Note: I am keeping the post updated with new developments and show updates. Last updated: July, 2014 Bookmark this page and check back from time to time! Table of Contents Please Note: The items with an icon in front of them refer to a separate article about the subject. However, if you are just interested in short lists (list of shows, list of sound tracks etc.), then you do not have to leave this page to the detailed articles, but scroll further down to find your answers right there. Introduction Cirque du Soleil ??? Historic Time-Line 1984 to Present The Cirque du Soleil Story ??? Odyssea[…]
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