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Date : November 3, 2014


TheDraw ANSI Fonts Collection Roll-Up

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Published on: November 3, 2014
Just in??my last post I??stated full of optimism that I am about to break the 700 fonts mark for my TheDraw ANSI fonts collection. And behold, only yesterday the count swell to 710 fonts, YEAH! Yet today, only a few days after I made this statement and one day after I breached the targeted mark, the count in my collection dropped significantly to “only” 677 fonts, 23 fonts away from the 700 mark. What happened? Don’t panic! There wasn’t a system crash that wiped out dozens of fonts or anything of that nature. A small number of reductions is caused by the removal of original font versions from other artists, where I took the liberty to extend the font set by missing characters, but kept the original characters that were already there unchanged. That made absolute sense, because those were real duplicates, which I only kept in my individual files collection, but long but removed from any font sets collection packages etc. However, those were only about half a dozen fonts or so. The majority of??”disappearances” are caused by consolidating fonts that were merely different colored versions of the same font type to a single “mini” collection each. The smallest may only contains 2 individual fonts, while the largest has a staggering number of 18 individual fonts, only appearing as a single “font” item in my collection. The average though is 4 to 5 fonts per type. Counting all derived colored versions as single font, the total number of fonts[…]
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