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Date : October 26, 2014


TheDraw ANSI Fonts Update for November 2014

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Published on: October 26, 2014
New TheDraw .TDF ANSI & ASCII Fonts for the Month of November 2014 …Closing in on the 700 fonts mark Other News: I also release a new beta version of my ANSI TEXT EDITOR (ATE) Tool (Current Version 1.0.2B), which fully supports TheDraw fonts as well as Figlet ASCII fonts, but also using its own proprietary format to remedy the limitations and shortcomings set by the .TDF file format, such as the maximum letter size of 32×12 characters. That is also the reason why the fonts are saved by ATE in its own file format, which specifications are public and documented: .ATEF ANSI Font File Format Specifiations V1.0. ANSI Fonts Related Posts .TDF TheDraw ANSI Fonts Tool V1.3.0 Release TheDraw Fonts Update 10-2014 TheDraw (TDF) Fonts Tool Version 1.2 Release TheDraw Fonts Update 09-2014 New TheDraw .TDF ANSI Fonts Update 07-08, 2014 ATE ??? Ansi Text Editor 1.0Beta .TDF TheDraw Fonts File Tool TheDraw Fonts File (.TDF) Specifications … And More TheDraw ANSI & ASCII Fonts! TheDraw Fonts Collection Revamp and Extension New ANSI & ASCII Fonts for TheDraw and ATE CHAOS2.TDF.ZIP GARDEN.TDF.ZIP PORTAL.TDF.ZIP TDD.TDF.ZIP VOICES.TDF.ZIP FORBIDDN.TDF.ZIP INNER.TDF.ZIP INTENTNS.TDF.ZIP SPASTIC3.TDF.ZIP SUB.TDF.ZIP UNDRGRWN.TDF.ZIP ADRENA.TDF.ZIP EXPLORAT.TDF.ZIP PALACE2.TDF.ZIP UNDRGRN2.TDF.ZIP GRAVE.TDF.ZIP LEECH.TDF.ZIP PIPELINE.TDF.ZIP TOASTER.TDF.ZIP ZOOK.TDF.ZIP BLADE.TDF.ZIP FOUNDATN.TDF.ZIP GHOST.TDF.ZIP OCEANA.TDF.ZIP SILICON2.TDF.ZIP ARCANE.TDF.ZIP BLEACH.TDF.ZIP DARKCRUS.TDF.ZIP ECLIPSE.TDF.ZIP FUTURE2.TDF.ZIP Want even more? Checkout my entire collection of TheDraw ANSI & ASCII Fonts. Enjoy! Carsten aka Roy/SAC
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