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Date : July 8, 2010


OSDM ??? Oldskool Demomaker ??? Scripting Tips and Tricks 1

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Published on: July 8, 2010
I did a lot of OSDM demos recently and thought that I should share some tips and tricks about the tool, especially the scripting feature, which I use almost exclusively for controlling the flow of my own OSDM production. I would like to start with high-lighting some of the new cool feature that became available with the April or June, 2010 versions of the Oldskool Demomaker tool by Peace/Testaware.. You can find all my own production at the special OSDM section here on my site. There you can also find additional resources, tools and more related to the Oldskool Demomaker, like my OSDM Script Cheat Sheet, Tutorials and my VOBJ Vector Object manipulation tool and more. Table of Contents Dynamic Layer Ordering Vector Object Control Addition to (Sprite) Cloning Feature Macros Dynamic Layer Ordering I remember when I first checked out OSDM. The interface was not very intuitive, but what???s new when it comes to scene stuff (Elite has to suffer or something like that hehe) and I struggled with a couple specific issues. One of which was the rendering order of effects on the screen (= what is in front and what is in the back ground etc.) Only when Peace himself explained to me in detail how the ???Storyboard??? page in the ???Regie??? tab worked, did I finally realized how this is being accomplished. It didn???t even occur to me when I looked at the interface myself that you can do more on that page than just controlling[…]
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