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Date : May 23, 2010


Blogger Self-Hosted FTP Blog to Word Press on IIS Migration

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Published on: May 23, 2010
Well, if you have tried to check my site about a week ago, then you would have noticed that it was not there. Okay, it was still ???there???, but the there was somewhere off the public accessible Internet and thus for all intends and purposes ???gone???. This site and also the Blog were hosted on an old dedicated web server of mine which came into its years. It just suddenly decided that it is time for it to go. Admitted, it was not all that suddenly. The server had accumulated various minor ???diseases??? and flukes over the past seven years while it was running 24/7. It even crashed before, but until recently never ???fatally???. A few days down and stuff like a new HD brought it always back up and running again. Not so this time. May it rest in peace. Web Server Fatal and Permanent Crash ??? Site and Blog Move I also have to admit that I was kind of dragging along the well overdue move to a different server for way to long. Always came something else up and I simply did not do it. Well, now I had no more liberty to choose the when and how. That decision was done for me. Coincidently also Google discontinued their FTP feature for Google/Blogger blogs for webmasters who wanted to host the actual blog media and content files on their own web server rather than having it hosted at or running on a sub-domain like with[…]
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