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Date : February 6, 2010


Roy/SAC Megatro II Intros Pack Release

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Published on: February 6, 2010
I was very productive over the past few months. It was just December last year that I released my ???Megatro Vol1??? intros pack with 28 Oldskool Demomaker productions of mine. I learned new stuff with the tool and enhanced some of my older intros and also branched out into new territory, the creation of multi-part mini demos with OSDM rather than just simple single part intros/cracktros. You can find a whopping 7 of such multi-part demos in my new Megatro II release. Then there are also a bunch of new intros/crack intros that I created and even a nostalgic release for the Commodore 64 classic ???Giana Sisters???. The interface was like the one for the first release programmed by myself in Pure Basic. I made a lot of changes to it and enhancements that you will hopefully notice and appreciate. Another difference to my first Megatro release is also the fact that this pack is running in ???windowed mode??? instead of ???full screen???. The main reason for that is that some of my new productions utilize the ???Skin Window??? feature of OSDM, which creates a custom frame for the intro or demo to run within. I did not want to switch between full screen and windowed mode all the time in an unpredictable manner and instead decided to run all productions in windowed mode this time. The NFO viewer within the interface was also improved. What I did not do this time, was to create a special intro just for[…]
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