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Date : January 10, 2010


Superior Art Creations Scene Art Pack Volume 36-SAC?!

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Published on: January 10, 2010
A few days before new year, Desolation Angel contacted me via Facebook and told me that Scour is trying to put a new SAC art pack together for the December 31, 2009. I was delighted about this idea after so many years and sent Scour an email (which I also got from DA) to send him stuff that I created over the years to be added to the pack and the request to send me the pack file as soon as possible that I could convert its content and make it ready for browsing on my web site like I did for all the other 35 art packs last year. I did not receive a response and became worried that he did not get my message on time. The December 31, 2009 passed and I still did not hear back from Scour, so I told DA and asked, if he heard from him and knows if a SAC pack was released or not. He gave me an alternative email address and sent another message to that one. He also had not heard from Scour, nor got a download link to the pack. Meanwhile Maktone contacted me via FB also, asking me, if I got a link to download the new art pack. Finally Scour responded to my last email on January 6, 2010 without saying anything, but 2 links to download the SAC pack release. That was it. I downloaded the archive and found to my disappointment that my stuff[…]
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