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Date : January 7, 2010


Windows 7 Upgrade ??? My User Experience

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Published on: January 7, 2010
I was avoiding Windows Vista almost to the bitter end. I only installed the 64-Bit Ultimate edition in September 2009 on my new notebook in anticipation of getting the free upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate later that year. Yes, Vista sucked and I knew why I was doing myself a favor avoiding it at all cost. Many of the severe issues Vista had when it started were fixed. I used a version with SP1 and most patches before SP2 was released, so I don???t even want to know what users of the pre-SP1 versions had to endure. I never installed a beta version of Windows 7, but from what I heard was this OS version looking very promising and make up for all the bad things of its predecessor. I got my copy of Windows 7 in December and installed it during the holidays over my existing Vista Ultimate 64-Bit installation. I still have a machine running Windows XP Professional, but Windows 7 does not support an upgrade from Win XP unfortunately. The Upgrade Process from Vista Ultimate to Windows 7 The upgrade process itself ran for the most part automatically. The upgrade wizard complained about a few browser toolbars that seemed to be incompatible and had me uninstall it. Among those was the Google Toolbar, which I did not uninstall (because the provided wizard could not do it and I did not want to remove it via the control panel and lose all my custom stuff). Anyhow, the upgrade[…]
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