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Date : October 8, 2009


ASCII Nudes Gallery Revamp

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Published on: October 8, 2009

I wasn???t really happy with how my ASCII nude???s gallery One thing that bugged me the most was that it was hard to find a certain piece and that the selection was somewhat confusing. The confusion came from overload. I wanted to put too much stuff into too little space. I added a couple months ago the feature of having the selection boxes with the image thumbnails of the 100 ASCII art pieces scroll horizontally, which looked nice, but did not really help with the usability. So I removed it again (It wasn???t with Internet Explorer anyway). The selection is now again a grid (10 x 10), as it was at the beginning. See the partial screen shot of gallery page below where you can see how the grid looks today. First thing you will notice is that there is only one thumbnail image for each ASCII now; instead of two (the second thumb was showing the image with white font on black background). The second thing you will notice is the larger preview thumb which is 400 pixels high for vertical pictures and 400 pixels wide for horizontal pictures. The preview thumb appears when you hover over one of the hundred mini thumbnails (which get???s highlighted when hovered over). There was a bug with the highlighting border of the picture that is currently shown in full, which I believe I got fixed now as well. From the grid are you still having the fairly new features that I did[…]

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