Retro Cracktro Remakes Collection Volume 1

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Published on: August 26, 2009

I guess it is time again for another collection of mine. I was able to put the new Version 2.0 of my scene release creator batch script to good use again. It was a breeze to get it ready with this new and enhanced version of it. You should check it out as well.

This collection is a bit different and some of the hard core purist sceners will probably have something to bitch about it, like that you can only appreciate things, if you use the original software on the original hardware. Screw them.

To show younger folks how things looked back in the days, before many of the kids were even born, then you have to provide the means to access the stuff with the current technology. If they got a taste of things and like it, then they can still go through the extra length, accept the extra cost and additional time that it takes to be authentic. Why should they do that without even knowing what they can expect in return for those extra efforts? Okay, here it comes … a

Collection of Amiga & C64 Crack Intro Remakes for Win32 & Flash

Enjoy 430 Win32 Remakes of Commodore Amiga and Commodore 64 cracktros created by the folks from the web site/project called


Also enjoy 608 SWF Flash Remakes of Commodore Amiga cracktros that were re-created by the folks at using the widely support Adobe’s Shockwave technology, which your browser should support to play without any special hoops you need to go through.


In both cases the authors tried to recreate the original crack intros as authentic as possible. Also check out their web sites, because new intros are added constantly.

You can also provide comment to every cracktro and rate it, if you like to.

Nothing beats the originals though, but in order to be able to enjoy those on you Win32 PC, you need a C64 or AMIGA Emulator and of course the binaries of the original intros.


You can find links to sites where you can download original intros for the classic Commodore platforms at the Links page of my web site at Those sites typically also have resources, tips and links to the required Emulators as well to get you covered with everything that you need.

Here are some of the highlights of the remakes of Commodore Amiga crack intros. If you click on a thumbnail image below, it opens a new browser window with the Shockwave/Flash file (.SWF) in it and which your browser should play back automatically (if you have a modern one).


Collection Download

I hope that you enjoyed those samples and got hungry for more of this. The collection spans two ZIP archives, in total almost 140 MB in size. You can download the package at the link locations below. I made them available as usual on my file share at File Share Re-Org

Things started to get a bit messy and my Demoscene related folders and files share at my account, so I added an additional folder level to the overall navigation tree.

(*) Demoscene Share Root Folder

Each of those sub folders has additional sub folders, which used to be all hanging under the Demoscene share folder, which made it a bit harder to browse and look through.

     ??????????????????????????? ??? ???????????? ???????????????????????????   ???????????????????????????  ??? ????????? ??? ????????? ??????????????? ??? ???????????????????????????
??R??E??L??.?? ??? ???????????? ??????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????? ??? ????????? ??? ????????? ???????????? ??? ??2??0??0??9??
????????????????????????????????? ??? ????????? ????????? ??????????????? ??? ????????? ??? ????????? ?????? ???????????????????????? ????????? ??? ?????????????????????????????????
?????? ????????? ??? ????????? ??? ????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ??????
????????? ????????? ??? ??????????????????????????? ????????????????????????


Carsten aka Roy/SAC

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  1. sink says:

    thk a lot! one more time for share stuffs! :)

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