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Date : August 31, 2009


Fonts Collections: Over 31,000 Fonts (TTF, OTF, FON, AFM, PFB & PFM)

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Published on: August 31, 2009

Yes, the title was not a typo, over 31K fonts for Windows XP, Vista, NT etc. There are multiple collections. There are several collections of TrueType Fonts (*.TTF), which make up the by far largest chunk of the whole thing, plus separate collections for font formats like Open Type Font (*.OTF), Fixed Size Bitmap Fonts (*.FON), Adobe Font Metrics Files (*.AFM) and Adobe Fonts (*.PFM + *.PFB). All in all over 1 Gigabyte (compressed) of Fonts, available for download at my file share. Adobe Fonts Collection 4,000+ Adobe Fonts in PFx Format in font file pairs of: *.PFB Files (Type 1 PostScript Fonts) and *.PFM Files (Adobe Printer Outline Metrics Files) PFM Files contain font metric information used by applications for laying out lines of text in a document. They also specify the Windows font menu name, kerning pair data, and a variety of other font-level information. PFB is the Adobe Type Manager Type 1 PostScript font file format. Adobe?? Type Manager?? (ATM) is a system software component that automatically generates high-quality screen font bitmaps from the PostScript?? outlines in Type 1 or OpenType?? format. With ATM, you can scale your fonts without the characters appearing jagged, and you can also enable “font smoothing,” which further improves the appearance of your fonts onscreen by using your computer monitor’s color palette to intelligently improve the rendering of characters. ATM Light also allows you to print PostScript fonts on non PostScript printers, and can be used to create custom instances of[…]

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