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Date : August 29, 2009


Michael Dell Gone? Dell Starts to Suck Now too!

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Published on: August 29, 2009

Michael Dell, the entrepreneur who founded the computer retailer “Dell” and built it into a multi-billion dollars business must be gone from Dell. Once a poster child for customer centric marketing, web site performance enhancement making it better converting and more user friendly at the same time. Dell computers might not be the best computers on the planet in regards to their quality, but the company always made up for it via their customer support and service. It seems that the drive to improve on things stops after an order was placed and hopefully starts over after the computer was shipped to the customer. That is what I hope, because my experiences after I placed my order for a brand new Dell Studio XPS 16 Notebook on August 11, 2009 (17 days ago) things started to become really bad. Flashback I had serious issues with my computers to say it mildly. A series of hardware failures combined with the support that I paid for but never got, because the company who purchased the business from the retailer where I bought my previous notebook went out of business, 2 weeks before my hardware problems started. After all this misfortune I finally decided to buy another Dell. I purchased multiple Dell computers in the past and was overall happy with them and the service provided, if I had a problem with the machine. I thought that my string of bad luck had an end, when I saw that there is a great[…]

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