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Date : August 17, 2009


Logo Collection V2 and Pixel Art Images Collection V1 Released

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Published on: August 17, 2009

Two more scene art releases are coming your way. All in all about 1 GB of data for you to download and spread to FTP servers, old-school bulletin board systems and share with friends and other sceners and/or graphic artists who are able to appreciate what they are looking at. The first release is actually an update, a major one though. Scene Pixel Art Logos Collection V2.0 Version one was released only about two months ago, but I added so many more to my collection that I thought that a version 2.0 release does not hurt. Over 9000 Images for over 1600 Groups, BBS, Demos and more from the Commodore 64, Amiga, Atari ST and PC Demo- and Warez Scenes. Welcome to the Scene Logo Collection Version 2.0 brought to you by The collection contains thousands of logos for groups, demos, bulletin board systems, web sites and individuals from all the major scene platforms, including Windows PC (Super VGA, Hi-Res), old MS DOS standard VGA PCs (320×200 256 Colors), Commodore Amiga’s (32 Colors), Commodore 64s (8Bit), Apple II’s (8Bit), CPC’s (8Bit), Atari 8Bit Home Computers, Atari ST’s and Atari Falcons. There are a lot of duplicates, which I am working on constantly eliminating (or at least reducing). It is not that easy, because it is not always clear, which is the best or authentic original to keep and which version to delete (once you detected a duplicate visually, which by itself takes already a lot of time). If I[…]


Script Tool: Process Scene Releases Version 2.0

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Published on: August 17, 2009

I wrote in march about how to package a scene release properly. In that post I also published the source of a release creation batch script called ProcRel.bat. I wrote a heavily modified and extended version of that script and present it to you here and today. NOTE: This Script does not work for SINGLE ZIP release files. It will stop after it created the RAR archive. I have to take a look at it, because it is a minor flaw that does not have to be there, even though it is not the scripts purpose to create releases that are just a single ZIP archive. Bug Fixes The script had a bunch of short comings and even a bug. I have not figured out yet what the criteria is for the command line version on WinRAR to create volume numbers of multiple file archives one digit long and when it uses two digits (E.g. FILE.part1.RAR versus FILE.part01.RAR). My old batch assumed 01 instead of the single digit version, but that creates an issue, if RAR decides to use the single digit naming convention instead. My new version covers this and checks for both versions and then uses the correct one appropriately when it continues by renaming the RAR archives to FILE1.RAR or FILE01.RAR respectively and ZIP Archives afterwards. Other Minor Enhancements Also improved was the speed, by utilizing a temporary work directory, which is used to dump all files for each ZIP archive to create the ZIP in one[…]

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