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Date : August 14, 2009


Data Collection, Sorting, Archiving and Access #1 (Thesis)

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Published on: August 14, 2009

babbling my thoughts and theories to nobody and everybody, or in other words, to anybody who might be interested in it :).?? Introduction I collected myself a vast amount of data and have issues with using them effectively. The lack of ability to find and use specific data that I collected when I need them is a problem that bothers me and where I am constantly working on improving. This problem of mine is of course a problem that pretty much every person has to varying extend, so there are of course numerous options and tools that were created by others already, trying to solve my exact issues. Considering the fact that virtually everybody has the same problem and that so many “solutions” and tools exist to solve your problem, it surprised me, that virtually of them that I check out failed to solve exactly those problems for ME. This bothered me a lot and got me thinking why this is the case. It didn’t make sense at first glance, but after giving it more and more thoughts, I started to realize why most tools that are out there fail to solve the problems for me.?? This is great, but does not help me with actually solving my problem. So I kept thinking about the problem itself, to learn that while the problem appears to be the same for everybody, generally speaking, it is actually not, if you start looking at things a bit more closely. Those differences can make[…]

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