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Date : July 29, 2009


The Berlin Wall – August 13, 1961 to November 9, 1989

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Published on: July 29, 2009

I wrote in the past already two blog posts about the subject of the “Berlin Wall“, which accompanied videos that I created using moving and photographic images from those historic events. See The Berlin Wall – History Lessons Learned and The Berlin Wall and the Walls Between Us I created four versions of my “Berlin Wall” documentary already and also another short video that only depicts the events from 1989 that lead to the collapse of the East German regime. I am still not happy with the last version of it and still work on a version 5 of it. I gathered a lot more video material and found better quality sources for video images that I already used in the previous installments of my documentary. Also See Version 4 of my Video “The Berlin Wall – Lessons Learned” at Special Video “Moments in History – The Fall of the Berlin Wall 1989” at I also gathered some more historic facts and created a time-line for me to guide myself in my project. I came to the conclusion that it probably makes the most sense, if I split up the documentary into multiple segments, rather than creating one long video as I did for Version 4 (which is over 30 minutes in length). I am still undecided, how I am going to present the facts from the time line below; written narration or voice overs where I record myself and talk about those facts. An audio narration is[…]

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