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Date : June 11, 2009


The First Demo That I Saw in my Life

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Published on: June 11, 2009

This post falls into the category “old personal history of mine”. I thought that write once more about how I experienced things, especially because I grew up behind the Iron Curtain in the former communist part of Germany, the DDR or GDR (German Democratic Republic). People always ask me how it was like, so here is a story that describes one aspect of it, a very specific one though. Not everybody will be able to relate to it, but if you know what computer demos and crack intros are and interested to hear more about it, stick around. Computer Tales from the Former East Germany Back in 1987, two years before the Wall fell in Berlin, when my dad was allowed to take the Commodore 128D computer (with monitor and 9 needles printer) home to be able to use it for work there, I thought that this was the happiest moment in my life. I always wanted to have a computer since I got exposed to one for the first time in either 1985 or 1986 (That first computer wasn’t a Commodore, it was actually an Atari 800 XL with Datasette tape without any turbo load hardware tweak). There was no Internet and also no tech support to call, because that support did not extend to the area of the former East German state at that time.The only thing to go on was the user handbook that came with the computer. My dad gave me one empty floppy disc (remember,[…]

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