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Date : May 2009


Rupture by Andromeda Software Development and other cool Demos

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Published on: May 4, 2009

I felt that it was about time again to write about demos, recent demos this time and no classics. Another great demo, which was only recently released trigger this post actually. The demo that did this is: Rupture by the Greek demo group Andromeda Software Development (short ASD). The demo won the 1st place at The Gathering (TG) 2009 Demo Party Competition in Hamar, Norway this Spring. I created a nice animated gif with some highlights from the demo and also included a video recording of it further down below. I also decided to seize the opportunity and also introduce some other great great demos to you, including other previous productions by the top-notch demo team from ASD, but also from other groups that produced high quality PC demos in the past 5+ or so years. I hope that you will enjoy them. The animated gif is nice as a preview, but the video below is probably better. Best is of course to download the original demo (see links at and run it on your own PC. Backup Link to video at You can find more information to the demo and a link to download the 25 MB program to run it on your computer in high resolution at There is also a link to the high definition video capture of the demo in MP4 format and 250 MB in size. If that is a bit too much for you, download the lower resolution video in XVID[…]

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