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Date : May 18, 2009


Cirque du Soleil – Historic Time-Line 1984 to Present

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Published on: May 18, 2009
This article is part of my Cirque du Soleil Primer Article Series. Aurora “Those who are able to walk on stilts can roam the earth unstopped by mountains or rivers. They are able to imagine flying and therefore to reach the Isles of the Immortals.” P’ao-Pou Tseu In the early eighties, a group of young street performers pooled their talent and dreams and founded the “Club des Talons Hauts” or “High-Heels Club”, aptly named because most of them were stilt-walkers. The Club also featured fire eaters, jugglers and other buskers. At that time, Quebec did not have a circus tradition as did several European countries. So the Club members decided to organize a festival, where street performers could come together to exchange ideas and techniques. They called it the “F??te Foraine de Baie St-Paul” (the Baie Saint-Paul Fair). That was all a few visionaries needed to hatch the idea of bringing all this talent together under one roof, or – why not? – a big top! Cirque du Soleil was born. Cirque du Soleil ??? Historic Time-line 1984 – Present The story begins in 1982, in Baie-Saint-Paul, Quebec. In this haven of creativity whose rural charm attracts artists, art collectors and tourists alike, a group of young street performers mix with the crowd, walking on stilts, juggling and eating fire. Inspired by the spectators’ obvious delight, the performers hatch the idea of organizing an entertainers’ festival-the precursor of what is to become Cirque du Soleil. 1984 Cirque du Soleil is[…]
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