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Date : May 14, 2009


VNV Nation Box Set ??? Reformation 01

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Published on: May 14, 2009

I received today the Reformation 01 box set (limited edition) by my favorite band ???VNV Nation??? that I pre-ordered at, who still sells it for only $21.xx dollars. (This is not my first exclusive post about VNV Nation. You can check out the other ones to learn more about VNV here and here.) The limited edition of the Reformation 01 box set by VNV Nation is a real bargain. For little more than the price of a regular album CD you get 2 CD’s and a video DVD with 8 tracks recorded at live concerts in Europe (mostly Hamburg, Germany). Backup Link to Video on VimeoDownload this video in AVI format in High Definition (1280×720, 81 MB) Video Notes and Credits: The video above was edited by me and includes snippets from the DVD?? that is part of the Reformation 01 box set. It also uses various images that are not part of the box set and video snippets from the viral ???Illusion??? video with animations by Andrew Huang, which were unfortunately not included in this box set (it would have been the right place for it though ). All music by VNV Nation. I also like to remark that the box set includes the first ever LIVE ALBUM by VNV Nation, so fans who prefer VNV Nation live over the studio recordings (like I do) do not have to fall back on the not 100% legitimate Live album solution by ripping the audio tracks of the previously released[…]

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