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Date : May 13, 2009


The Cirque du Soleil Story – Odyssea – The dreamer’s Odyssey

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Published on: May 13, 2009
Source: Cirque du Soleil This article is part of my Cirque du Soleil Information Primer article series. See the main article here. Odyssea – The dreamer’s odyssey The History of Cirque du Soleil in their own words. The Cirque du Soleil story is about a group of young people who wanted nothing more than the freedom to dream a dream. Beginning with a street kid from Montreal called Guy Lalibert??, it’s the tale of individuals who have come forward at special moments in time to move that dream forward, and share it with the world. 1979 – 1980: The inspiration In the late 1970s, Guy Lalibert?? attends a concert by Zachary Richard, a musician from New Orleans. The show inspires him to organize a school trip to the city, which proves to be a big success. It’s the first time he experiences bringing a group of people together for travel and entertainment, and it sets the teenager on his life path. Chance encounters occur that will galvanize the still unformulated dreams of the people who are to found Cirque du Soleil. It is a time of creative ferment and great energy in Quebec that is gathering momentum. 1980 – 1981: Artists gather in Baie-Saint-Paul Guy Lalibert??, barely 20, burns with a desire to entertain and travel. He leaves Montreal for the artist colony of Baie Saint-Paul where he comes together with a group of young street performers who have pooled their talent and dreams and founded ???Les ??chassiers de Baie-Saint-Paul???[…]
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