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Date : April 26, 2009


De-Dupe Files Script Tool for Windows 32bit V2.0beta

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Published on: April 26, 2009

I know, it’s less than a month that I introduced the De-Dupe script Version 1.1. See my original blog post where I introduced the script here. I used the script myself quite a lot and implemented improvements and additional features to it as a consequence of it.   I won’t post the whole source code in this post this time though, because it got significantly bigger and would cause problems with loading the post in your web browser. Well, the code is still included in the install package of the script/tool and 42KB zipped is not very much to download, isn’t it.   Download De-Dupe V2.0 Beta ( The background story and general file structure remained the same, but I made a lot other changes, especially “under the hood”.  The most important improvement is the PERFORMANCE. Where V1.1 was taking several minutes to process, V2.0 only takes seconds instead. De-Duping folders with thousands and not just hundreds of files is now NOT A PROBLEM for this script anymore. Here are the details: Name of the Software: DeDupe Files Script Tool Author: Carsten Cumbrowski Version 2.0 beta License: Freeware Date: April 2009 Visit for resources to web and database development and internet marketing. There you can also find the contact page with various means to get in touch with the author of this tool. The script detects duplicate files within a directory. Duplicate files are files that have the same MD5 Check Sum value. Two DIFFERENT/NON IDENTICAL files having the[…]

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