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Date : April 23, 2009


Some Google Tools & Services and Other Annoyances

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Published on: April 23, 2009

You know how it is??? the small annoyances are the ones that bother us the most, especially if you have to deal with the same thing all the time on an almost daily basis. I am going to show you a few of those annoyances that drive me nuts at the moment. List of Annoyances Covered by this Post Annoyance #1 ??? Google YouTube Tag Subscriptions Annoyance #2 ??? Google YouTube Comments Notification Annoyance #3 ??? Google YouTube Friend Invites Processing Annoyance #4 ??? Google Chrome Pop-Up Blocker Annoyance #5 – 4CC Codec Value Case Sensitivity by VirtualDubMod If you know me, then you know that I usually not simply complain about something, but also provide suggestions and recommendations for solutions to the problem. Maybe you had one or the other issue as well. In that case it would show you that you are not the only person with this issue. If you don???t, then you know about them now. I do this public so maybe we are lucky that somebody reads this, who is actually in the position to do something about one or more of the problems illustrated or somebody reads this who knows somebody who SHOULD read it, because that other person is one of the people who could solve one or more of those problems. All but one are related to Google products or services and all but one of those related to Google are about their video sharing site YouTube, which I use pretty much[…]

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