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Date : March 28, 2009


Matching Nude ASCII Art Pieces with Playboy Centerfolds

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Published on: March 28, 2009

I posted earlier this month the article ASCII Art Nudes versus Original Playboy Centerfolds where I show for several ASCII Nude pictures of my ASCII Nudes collection the original photograph that was used by the text artist. I updated the original article, which showed the originals for 29 40 ASCII pieces, and added one more match that I found afterwards. Since then I even found two more matches, which I did not add to the article yet. The obvious matches are taking care of and also the ones where the file name or content of the ASCII itself had useful and correct hints about the original photograph. I were also able to match a number of ASCII’s to photographs where the ASCII had completely incorrect information, such as the wrong name of the girl. Now it’s tougher to find corresponding photographs and I could use some help with it. It is not such a bad job actually. You get to watch a lot of beautiful girls naked hehe. I also ran into cases where I am not 100% sure, if I matched the ASCII with the right photograph. Like this one. The arm position is right, the pose is the same. The breast size is about the same and the hair resembles also the photograph. I am pretty sure that I found the right photograph, but a second opinion would increase my confidence even more. If you want to help matching ASCII pictures to Playboy photographs, then you will need[…]

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