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Date : February 17, 2009


Convert Word 2007 Documents and Upload to Google Docs

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Published on: February 17, 2009

It started with a script by Michael Suodenjoki called “docx2pdf.vbs” that lets you convert individual Word 2007 documents to PDF. It is possible to use it to process a batch of files, such as all documents in a specific directory, by using (programming) another sophisticated MS DOS batch script, but that is a pain in the neck itself. I ran into issues, because I had spaces in the file names of the documents that I wanted to convert and I thought to myself that it is probably easier and safer to change the VBScript itself instead of writing another script in a different language. By the way, for the conversion to PDF format with Microsoft Word 2007 is it necessary that you installed next to Microsoft Office 2007 of course, also the “Microsoft Save as PDF” Add-In for 2007 Office, which is available for free download at the web site here. Extending the Docx2Pdf Conversion Script So I changed the script to allow the processing of a whole folder instead of just one file. While I was doing that, I realized that I need?? a filter to make sure that I only process?? documents that Word 2007 can load. While I was thinking about a solution about that, I realized that a)?? Word 2007 supports more than just Word 2007 .DOCX documents and b) that the Google Docs API only supports Word 97 .DOC documents and not PDF, like the manual uploader in their web interface. Converting my Word[…]

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