Interesting SAC Art Packs Statistics, Figures and Downloads

I am still working on sorting through the Superior Art Creations (SAC) art packs and to make them easy accessible via the web (e.g. my web site and elsewhere). The sorting brings up some interesting facts about the art pack releases that I want to share with you. All SAC Art Packs are available for download here and also here at my site. CRE-SACLogo250_256Colors_trans??

Facts, Stats and Figures

Tracker Music Play-back and Conversion to MP3

I just converted all the tracker modules and SIDs to MP3 format for the later use on my web site, to make the music accessible to a broader audience, because you cannot play tracker music without special software or player plug-ins. The conversion was a pain in the neck. I used DeliPlayer2 (no link, because their web site seems to be down, but see this site for more info.)??for most of the music, which worked fine, but unfortunately only one module at the time. I ran into some problems with about 15 or so of the over 400 mods. DeliPlayer said that it believes that the files are corrupted and refused to play/convert them. I checked with ModPlug Player for Windows and they played back fine.


I also tried WinAmp with the LifeAMP plug-in and the internal MOD input source plug-in, but the results were mixed. I have not checked the BASS module player plug-in and thus do not know, if it is any good. Also useful is the SidPlay plug-in for WinAmp for playing back the SID music files.

But then I discovered XMPlay, which beats all of the players and tools above. It has tons of plug-ins as well and even supports WinAmp plug-ins as well. With XMPlay was it a breeze to convert tracker music to MP3, WAV or other formats, including in batch mode and the option to save the results in the same folder as the source file. Damn, if I only had known earlier. It would have saved me hours of time that I wasted on manually converting one song at a time.

More Download Options

If you don’t want to download all the art packs, but are interested in some of the stuff, then I have something for you that you might like. I sorted the original content of the packs by content type and put them into individual RAR archives. I did that already for the music files and the pixel art. I have not done yet a archive for the ANSI and ASCII art yet. I already had packages for the Intros and Cracktros available for download directly from my web site here.


Carsten aka Roy/SAC

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Published on: December 29, 2008

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  1. Time Warrior says:

    I am a Demoscene musician — and though I do have MP3 and OGG versions of my stuff (hell, some of my stuff is MP3 and OGG only because i made segments in Modplug Tracker and pieced them together in Audacity hehehe) — Tracker Formats are still valid, useful, supported and otherwise still really damn cool :-)

    If your mp3 conversion efforts are purely for compatibility reasons — then you’re wasting your time :-)

    Most if not all module formats are fully supported under Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unix and MAC OSX.

    Though I have no objection to anyone converting modules to MP3 or OGG — I am merely saying that if your only reason for doing so is compatibility — then your time might be better spent with the rest of the stuff in your art packs :-)

  2. A belate response to your comment. After reading it a second time, I thought that it warrants it. Missed it the first time around :).

    Playing back old tracker mods (in the various formats they come in) requires special software or special plug-ins for widely used programs (e.g. Winamp). I cannot expect that a person who does not know anything about those things has the required stuff installed to be able to listen to it.

    Btw. not every player supports all formats that are out there. I am compiling a list of music formats, their origin/use and which player/plug-in supports each of them. The list has already over 280 entries :). Okay, SAC musicians usually stuck to the mostly known and widely supported ones, like the traditional MOD, XM, S3M and C64 SID, but some are in more exotic formats like IT or DMF.

    Converting them to MP3 makes them simply more widely accessible, because MP3 is supported by pretty much every computer with the standard browser plug-ins and/or standard desktop media players that comes with the OS.

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