Gateway Sucks and Other Problems with PCs

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Published on: December 23, 2008

Hard words during holiday times you might think, but if some corporate Assholes try to ruin your holiday spirit, you might would feel the same as I do. To say it only in a few words: Never ever buy a Gateway Computer!. Gateway sucks and they screw you over with a smile in their face. “Merry Christmas!” Don’t come back whining later, because I told you.

What’s the deal with Gateway? I posted in great detail about it at my other blog over a month ago. That’s right, over one freaking month ago and guess what, my PC is still broken. No repair, no nothing.

The hardware problem slows me down and also causes stress (what surprise) and anger. I am behind with a bunch of stuff, directly or indirectly as a result of the malfunctioning PC.

This is only one issue in a long list of problems that I had and have with PCs lately. After all the hassle and problems with Windows, which makes you waste a lot of time all on its own, the hardware issues are not needed to make bad things even worse.

I was close to trashing the notebook (which would have been a bad idea), so I realized that I had to do something for anger management and to channel my negative energy into something that is not destructive… like creating a video :).?? Here is the result… it is actually pretty funny although you could also call this humor cynical sarcasm or something like that.

Backup URL to Video on youtube (

Backup URL to Video at YouTube.

You can download the original AVI video at

I talked about buying a PC for a while now and came to the point where I am pretty much ready to get a Macintosh. I had some communication with Chris Pirillo and he suggested that I wait a little bit longer, because there is a product line update due by Apple pretty soon.

I am using a PC since January/February 1991. That are over 17, almost 18 years. The time that I spent on a Macintosh in my whole life can be measured in minutes. So a switch is not only a technical decision, it would also be an emotional one, almost like a divorce.

Well, it ain’t going to happen this year, earliest next month in January 2009. I guess that the switch will be my “new years resolution”. I hope that you, the reader of this blog, do not have issues like I do, at least not during the holidays and hope that you will have a good time with friends and family.

Cheers and Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy Kwanzaa to you! Chances are slim that I write another prost during the upcoming Christmas days tomorrow and after.


Carsten aka Roy/SAC

1 Comment
  1. Rob says:

    Gateway completely sucks. I have a gateway MX6961 I bought from costco. 6 months later the hard drive burned out, the dvd player/burner stopped working, the hinge on the screen broke (not from abuse, from opening it normally), and the earphone jack has static. I have never had any issues like this with the many laptops I’ve owned in the past. Gateway is a joke.

  1. […] I had serious issues with my computers to say it mildly. A series of hardware failures combined with the support that I paid for but never got, because the company who purchased the business from the retailer where I bought my previous notebook went out of business, 2 weeks before my hardware problems started. After all this misfortune I finally decided to buy another Dell. I purchased multiple Dell computers in the past and was overall happy with them and the service provided, if I had a problem with the machine. […]

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