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Date : December 23, 2008


Gateway Sucks and Other Problems with PCs

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Published on: December 23, 2008

Hard words during holiday times you might think, but if some corporate Assholes try to ruin your holiday spirit, you might would feel the same as I do. To say it only in a few words: Never ever buy a Gateway Computer!. Gateway sucks and they screw you over with a smile in their face. “Merry Christmas!” Don’t come back whining later, because I told you. What’s the deal with Gateway? I posted in great detail about it at my other blog over a month ago. That’s right, over one freaking month ago and guess what, my PC is still broken. No repair, no nothing. The hardware problem slows me down and also causes stress (what surprise) and anger. I am behind with a bunch of stuff, directly or indirectly as a result of the malfunctioning PC. This is only one issue in a long list of problems that I had and have with PCs lately. After all the hassle and problems with Windows, which makes you waste a lot of time all on its own, the hardware issues are not needed to make bad things even worse. I was close to trashing the notebook (which would have been a bad idea), so I realized that I had to do something for anger management and to channel my negative energy into something that is not destructive… like creating a video :).?? Here is the result… it is actually pretty funny although you could also call this humor cynical sarcasm or[…]

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