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Date : December 17, 2008


Legendary Commodore AMIGA Pixel Art Logos

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Published on: December 17, 2008

I collected over the years pixel art of all kinds, especially from the Commodore AMIGA, the Commodore 64 and the PC (when people still “pixeled” there instead of “photoshop” everything). If you do not know what I mean, have a look at this post of mine about Perspective Projection on the Computer. It touches the subject of hand-made pixel art on the side, but uses some nice examples and illustrations. …?? whoa, what is this background?! special occasions? buoahhhh! hehe… okay now serious again … I was particular a fan of logo art work, because that was something I did myself. I was never good at drawing or painting objects, people or animals. You only have to look at my ANSI/ASCII art galleries and will see that most of the stuff are logos only and if I did anything else, then the results were way below average in quality. Any of my attempts to draw people and faces resulted in something that looked rather funny, although this was rarely my original intention. So I eventually accepted the truth and stuck to what I did best, logos … styling text/words, so to speak, just as clarification for the “normal” folks out there. I got around to take my logo collection and do as much de-duping as I could, spending several hours on just that and upload my collection to, for everybody to access freely. I did not include my Commodore 64 collection, which is still a mess, but a bunch[…]

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