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Date : November 24, 2008


VNV Nation’s Illusion, Online Video and Ronan Harris

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Published on: November 24, 2008

I mentioned it on several occasions that the VNV Nation, a British EBM/Industrial act, is my favorite band for several years now. Several things happened to me recently, which are related to VNV Nation and interesting enough to write about them publicly, so here we go. A Coincidental Marriage Made in Heaven Somebody else mixed the song “Illusion” by VNV Nation with the video “Doll Face” by Andy Huang (Andrew Thomas Huang), then still with Root Film, and uploaded it to over one year ago. It is now approaching the 900,000 views mark. I re-edited and uploaded the video under my account (kind of a dupe), just to make sure that it is there and not getting lost. I also changed the intro and end credits to pay all necessary dues to the respective parties appropriately. I updated the audio too, replacing it with a high quality rip from the album, while I was at it. The main video is based on the original QuickTime file of the “Doll Face” animation. The music and video seem to be made for each other and fit perfect. Illusion from Carsten Cumbrowski on Vimeo. Backup URL to Video on youtube ( Backup URL to video on The video is also available for download in .AVI format (XVID, Lame MP3) via here. Although it is not one of my favorite VNV Nation songs, I cannot deny that it touched me nevertheless.Another interesting part about this video is that it got the[…]

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