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Date : November 5, 2008


Video Editing, Ripping, Converting and Capture Tools for the PC

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Published on: November 5, 2008

Someone asked me recently, which tools I am using for all my video stuff (see for example my four YouTube channels: CirqueDuSoleilGuru, SACReleases, CumbrowskiCom and TurnbeutelvergesserB). An interesting question, which I decided to post the answer for here at my person blog, because it might also interest some other folks as well. Okay, here is a quick 101 of the tools that I use personally for all my video, images and audio stuff. DVD Ripping and Converting For ripping video from a DVD and converting it into an AVI, I use various different tools. I like iLead DVD Ripper (download), if I just want to get a specific and short snippet of content from a DVD and converting a whole chapter or VOB file would be way too much. To convert whole DVDs or individual chapters I am using either ImToo DVD Ripper (download) or Nidesoft DVD to AVI Converter (download). Video Downloading and Stream Recording To download movies from web sites, such as where it is a bit harder, i am using Jaksta Stream Recorder (download), unless it works already fine with the download Browser Plug-in from RealPlayer or Replay Media Catcher by Applian. Video Conversion I then convert the videos with either MP4 Converter (download) by 4Media or Moyea FLV Converter (download). I wrote a post about video downloading at my personal blog for more information about this subject. Video Editing I do some basic cutting and filtering with the free tool VirtualDub. If I have to[…]

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