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Date : October 11, 2008


The Beatles – All Together Now DVD Release Postponed

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Published on: October 11, 2008

Updated! See update at the end of the post! What a bummer… A couple days ago, I checked out the official Beatles web site and noticed the announcement of full length featured documentary DVD about the Cirque du Soleil show “The Beatles – Love”. Great! Okay, there is already one “Imagine: The Beatles in Love“, a BBC documentary from 2006, but the more the merrier. I don’t expect them to recycle the already published content for the new DVD. It looks like they are going to re-use some material, but also include plenty of new one. You can watch the short and the long trailer for the DVD at my Cirque du Soleil related YouTube account. Okay, so I went off and pre-ordered the DVD with a planned release date of October 20, 2008 at, the exclusive retailer who is to offer the DVD for sale on the Internet. Today I got an email from the customer service that states that the delivery date will be postponed until April 21, 2009. What??? That is a freaking 6 months delay of the release. They must be kidding, right? The documentary itself is supposed to be 84 minutes long, plus 3 additional mini documentaries with a running time of about 40 minutes total. It’s not god damn Lord of the Rings movie where they need a year for the post production. In 6 months they could re-do the whole documentary DVD entirely from scratch.?? I couldn’t believe the email and[…]

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