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Date : October 10, 2008


How to Download Videos from YouTube

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Published on: October 10, 2008

I do a some video stuff and have multiple YouTube accounts (and tons of accounts for other video sharing web sites). I even have one just for the content related to this blog and web site, my YouTube account SACReleases here.?? Because of my activities in that area I am getting from time to time personal emails from people who want to use a video offline for something and ask me if I would send it to them. I kind of got tired of explaining the same stuff over and over again and decided to write a blog post about the subject instead.?? Videos on YouTube and other video sharing sites can be downloaded in most cases without the need for jumping?? through too many hoops. There are exceptions, but I will address those as well. Getting the video down to your hard disk is usually the least of the problem. In most cases do you already have the video on your hard disk, you just don’t know it and also not where you can find it. Your web browser was probably caching the video and saved it in its temporary folder for some time, which depends on your individual browser settings. However, getting to this cached video is a bit cumbersome, but?? I will explain it as the last option anyway. This option does not cost any money and no software installation is needed. With some experience is this method also the faster one, compared to others that are[…]

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