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Date : September 2008


Cirque du Soleil’s Music Concert ‘Delirium’ Video

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Published on: September 1, 2008

Cirque du Soleil’s music concert and arena show “Delirum” is now running in Movie Theatres. You cannot see the show live anymore, because it is finished touring. However, you can see it on the Big screen at the moment and hopefully soon on DVD. I finally got around creating a longer sneak preview video, which I had on my to-do list for some time already. The news that the show stopped touring and is now shown in movie theaters made me realize that it won’t be for long anymore and a DVD will be available and no need for me to spend time on editing together a nice video hehe. So here it is now, a 28 minutes long sneak preview of some segments of the show. I think it is a record… yes, it is. The “O” and “Mystere” videos were “only” 21 and 22 minutes long. As a special bonus, both, the handbalancing (Andrey Koltsov) and hoola hoops (Irina Akimova) acts are covered completly (yeah! hehe). Editing video on a PC is still a bitch and it took me longer than I wanted to. Not the editing, but the rendering of the final video :(. God, I hate this “codec”, “DirectShow Filters”, “Video for Windows” crap and all the problems that come with it. Backup link to video at Google Video. You can also download the entire video in 400×300 resolution and .AVI format from here. Other Cirque du Soleil videos of mine can also be downloaded.[…]

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