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Date : September 17, 2008


Kooza DVD and Cirque C&D Letter

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Published on: September 17, 2008

This is my first post, using the Windows Live Writer application. It’s a free tool by Microsoft to make blog posts, supporting various blogging platforms beyond Windows Live Spaces. It was able to determine the blog layout and I can now see right when I type this, how it will probably look on the site. Another important feature, which made me giving Live Writer a shot, is the nice image upload feature via FTP. If all goes well, images that I insert here into the editor should be transferred over to my web server and the post in Blogger should refer to the images web URL instead of the local file on my hard-drive. Lets see how it works out :). They have a dedicated web site, an open SDK?? and a gallery with already 97 plug-ins available for download and use with the new Writer tool. I was able to configure the Writer for this blog (using classic Blogger with FTP to push to my servers), with (WordPress), but not with I think that the problem with has not to do with the Writer, but the configuration of the blog itself, which is also using WordPress, like SEJ, where it worked instantly. Post Reason No. 1 Okay, but this is not the reason for my post. There are actually two much more significant reasons. Lets start with the first, which is much simpler and explained in no time, compared with reason number two. I got[…]

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