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Date : August 2008


Democracy Still Works… Sometimes

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Published on: August 12, 2008

An unusual short blog post, but there is not much more to say and no need to comment. If you have not been living on the moon during the past years, then you should have enough facts and information to know what you have to do.The democratic system of this country might be flawed, but it is not entirely misfunctioning yet. Some parts still work. Make them count! … and forget political colors this time, because it will not change the facts, regardless if the words come out of a “blue” or a “red mouth”. See the Petition (PDF) See the Articles (PDF) Sign the Petition (Web Form) Signing off…Carsten aka Roy/SAC


The Berlin Wall and the Walls between Us

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Published on: August 7, 2008

I created an extended version of my video about the Berlin Wall. I was born and grew up in Berlin and was 15 years old when the Wall finally fell on November 9th, 1989. It’s a personal subject, as for all Germans, especially Berliners who were affected by it the most. It will be soon 20 years, in one year and a few months, since this historic event occurred. It seems to me a long time ago, although I have many vivid memories of events from back then that seem to have happened only recently. Maybe the global events of the past few years that are IMO disturbing and the parallel development of a global sense and community because of the Internet, which attempt to counter those negative events, brought some of my old memories back into my mind. I never felt compelled before to talk or write about the historic events that happened in my hometown and which I was able (in part) to witness myself. I never owned or wanted to own a piece of the Wall, which is not unusual for a child of that city. I would say that you probably will have a hard time to find a Berliner who has a piece of the Wall, if you would start looking for one. I am pretty sure about that. Something changed my attitude towards the subject and I am not 100% sure what and why. I got the feeling that telling the story and facts[…]

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