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Date : July 2, 2008


Videos Working Again ??? YouTube Pain Update

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Published on: July 2, 2008

Boy, what days. I was working on getting two years worth of videos up again and the links and embedded players on my site fixed. Well, over 150 videos from over 2 years, not a task that you could consider to be a light and easy one. To learn about the reasons why I had to do all the changes, check out my original post first and then my post at, where I complained about YouTube and how they handle things.I never heard a word back from them… nada, nothing, nichts, nitschevo. I am still very mad at them, especially, because they never even bothered to let me know why they did it. They simply blocked the account, all videos became inaccessible. No access to video comments, messages, subscribers, nothing.I found out that I can access my play lists, if I know the URL. I can only access videos in those lists that are not from my account though. I also found something in the YouTube “account” section of my other YouTube accounts that I have not seen before. It is a page called “Account Warnings” where it says for my other accounts: “Your account is in good standing.” I wonder if there was anything different in my primary YouTube account. I cannot recall that I ever received a notice about any messages or notes that would be considered “Account Warnings“. I am pretty sure that they suspended my account without prior warning so I question the usefulness of[…]

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