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Date : May 15, 2008


From Cirque over Hoola Hoops to Dytec PC

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Published on: May 15, 2008

If you think that I did not write and do much at my blog then you are mistaken. Instead of writing some new posts I did update some existing ones instead. My Cirque du Soleil Primer was extensively expanded for example. I did learn a lot about the Cirque during the past few weeks and had contact with several people like me who are Cirque du Soleil fans like me (some even more crazy than I am, can you believe that?! ) I submit the primer to myself, which is never such a splendit idea, but I thought “what the heck.” and just did it. Nobody else seems to agree with me that it is actually great content. I hope that I am not wrong about this and would appreciate, if you could show me, if you like it by adding a comment to this post or at the primer itself and/or Digg the Primer post, if you have a user account. The Primer I also worked on more video content. I don’t write a post here at my blog for every video that I upload to my two YouTube accounts and elsewhere on the Internet. Here you only get some of the highlights :). If you like what I publish, I suggest to subscribe to my channel(s) directly after you created your own account at the video sharing website. I upload all my videos to either my SACRELEASES channel or my CARSTENSVLOG CirqueDuSoleilGuru channel on You[…]

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