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Date : March 25, 2008


About (mis)Trust in Governments, the War in Iraq, New Global Communities and the Human Mindset

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Published on: March 25, 2008

A social networking friend of mine from Germany with the name Tobias Roetsch aka Taenaron from started an interesting poll a few days ago. He asked fellow deviants the question:“Do you believe in your government and do you support their decisions?”Within a few days 281 different people voted. Based on the numerous comments in the discussion threads to the poll is it obvious that the deviants who participated in the poll come from all over the planet, the USA, Canada, UK, Australia are only a few of those countries. People from virtually every continent participated. The results were alarming, but not surprising.Only 10% of the people who responded believe in their own government and support what it is doing. Over 50% don’t trust their government at all with more than half of that not trusting any government for that matter. 38% (106) deviants said just partly… 27% (76) deviants said everything is a big lie. They just want to get more power. 26% (72) deviants said No! (Tell me why) 10% (27) deviants said yes! (Tell me why) Well, it wasn’t for long that the discussion was shifting from the generic subject of trust to specific issues, such as the ominously war on terror and the much more real war that is waging in Iraq for more than six years now.Here is are some snippets of the discussions followed by my own rather long responses, which also lead me to write this blog post. Here is the argument between[…]

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