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Date : March 2, 2008


Googlefight – Karsten vs Carsten

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Published on: March 2, 2008

I stumbled across a funny gimmick tool via the John Andrew’s “SEO Secrets” page (which is also funny). It is called used it to demonstrate that Black Hat SEO is winning the Google game over White Hat SEO. Well according to Google fight it does hehe.How does the tool work? Simple, you enter any two phrases into the specifically designed form at and the tool will check the Google search results for each of the two phrases to see which one has a higher figure for estimated number pages found in the Google index. The phrase where Google returns a higher estimate wins. That’s it, no more and no less. Just for the fun of it did I initiate a Googlefight between “Carsten” and “Karsten”, which are both comon spellings of my first name. I always thought that Karsten is the more widely used spelling than how my first name is spelled, “Carsten”, with “C” and not a “K” at the beginning. So I was a bit surprised about the Googlefight results, which shows “Carsten” as the winner with 11,7000,000 results versus 8,080,000 for “Karsten”. This is a clear victory by over 3,000,000 pages. I don’t think that my internet activities, which contribute a large number alltogether might caused this unexpected result, but hey, even I did not produce 3,000,000+ pages with my name written on it hehe.Or how about a battle between “ansi art” and “ascii art”? Well, said and done. I knew already who would win[…]

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