Delivery of My DefCon Videos ISO Promise

Finally, the 10 synchronized DVD-ROM ISOs with all the 125 video and audio recordings of the DefCon 15 educational sessions and panels (price point $499) are now up on the internet.

You can find the ten ISOs on Usenet, but I hope that they will find their way into torrent search engines and FTP servers around the internet

Below are links to the .NZB files to retrieve the Usenet posts and .SFV (simple file verification) files that include the CRC32 checksums to verify the integrity of the files.

The ISO???s are distributed as RAR archives in 50 MB size chunks and the zipped with NFO file and FILE_ID.DIZ.



… or download all 20 NZB and SFV files as ZIP archive.

I already apologized for this late delivery, but I explained the reasons for the delay in a previous blog post.

I put up the audio files one week ago at MediaFire. I just tried to access the files and they are gone, so is my account and other files, like the SACtro videos. Attempting to create a new account returns a vague error message. I contacted support to find out what the heck is going on. The audio files are still available at my backup location at SendSpace (where I pay money for it, so appreciate it).

Just as a reminder, all videos from the DefCon 15 hacker conference, held in August this year at the Riviera hotel and casino are already available for a few months at Google Video. See my blog post from early September that contains a listing of all the DefCon 15 presentation videos.

So, I consider now my promise to be fulfilled. It took a bit longer that you and I expected, but better late than never, right? The guys who flaked out on me maybe will also deliver what they promised eventually, beyond the partial fulfillment that at least one of the guys was able to provide.

Carsten aka Roy/SAC

Quick Update 11/17/2007: MediaFire is up and okay again. Files (DefCon 15 audio recordings among others) were not lost and are accessible again via this URL.

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Published on: November 17, 2007

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