DefCon 15 Video DVD-ROM ISOs and Audios Update

I mentioned in my first post to the DefCon 15 video uploads to Google Video that I are looking into getting the DVD-ROM ISOs up on the Internet and that I was looking for a better location for the audio recordings of the sessions.

So far did I only had partial success with all that. I sent the ISOs once as physical copy and also once via FTP to two different people who promised to make them available online.

One of the two people didn’t do anything yet as far as I can tell and the other one fulfilled his promise only to 60% by only putting 6 of the 10 disks in ISO format online. Here is the link to the six DefCon 15 Video DVD-Rom ISOs. It’s a start, but I am not very happy with the development so far.

I had more luck with finding a better location for the audio files, 123 of them and a total of 1.3 GB in size. I made the DefCon 15 Audios available for download at, which allows me to share the files there for free. Sendspace charged me for that and everybody who downloaded from there can thank me for paying the bill for them.

I apologize to everybody who hoped for more than that, but it is all I can deliver at the moment. It wasn’t all just up to me and I wanted to share at least this partical success with everybody who is still waiting for it.

I hope to be able to provide some final good news eventually. I am still working on it and did not give up on the idea yet. Keep in hanging there.

Carsten aka Roy/SAC

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Published on: November 7, 2007

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