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Date : October 26, 2007


SACtros – The Intros for SAC Art Packs

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Published on: October 26, 2007

It took me a while, but finally are (almost) all SACtros available in video format on the site.What are SACtros?SACtros are the intros that were created specifically for SAC art pack releases only. In contradiction to cracktros or BBStros were SACtros only used for one release, the individual SAC pack it was created for.Features and InterfaceYou can watch the videos directly on my website via embedded Flash video player. I also provided a link to the video at YouTube, just in case the player on the site is not working for somebody for unknown reasons. You are also able to download the video for each SACtro in .AVI format to your hard disk.Goodies for Old School GeeksFor the old school folks are links to the original MS DOS executable and to the original MOD file (sound tracker music) available.The Bad NewsThat were the good news, now to the bad ones. There is no video for SACtro #2. The reason for this is not that I forgot or neglected it, but the fact that I was unable to get it to work on a modern Windows PC to capture the video. I used DOSBOX x86 Emu for old PC emulation and unpacked and unprotected the DOS executable. I also found out that there was a bug in Borland Pascal that causes programs written in old BP (this intro was, BP and in-line Assembler) to crash on modern day CPUs. I fixed the executable so that this bug is not a problem[…]

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