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Date : October 22, 2007


Perspective Projection on the Computer

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Published on: October 22, 2007

Perspective projection is a means of representing something that is three-dimensional in a two-dimensional space, or in other words the representation of 3D in 2D, something we are all familiar with from the computer of course and also TV, photographs, paintings and drawings.A basic rule of perspective projection is that something that is further away from the viewer at a three-dimensional space is ???smaller??? in the two-dimensional representation and ???larger??? if it is closer.This holds true even for seemingly two-dimensional objects in the 3D world, like a flat painting from the front. Now everything in the real world is three-dimensional, but some things do not appear that way, or at least not much, to the human eye. If one dimension is too small, an object will appear two-dimensional to us.Axonometric ProjectionIf the object is really ???thick??? or ???deep??? or we know from experience that the object is that way, a representation of the object in 2D is enhanced if not only one side (or two dimensions) are shown, the width and the height, but also the part of the side that we determine as the ???depth???. Axonometric projection is the term used in geometry to describe the representation of an object with two or more ???sides??? visible to get a feeling of its width, height and depth.There are three main sub forms of axonometric projection, which are isometric, dimetric and trimetric projection. The difference between the three is the angle and perspective of the viewer to the object.In isometric projection[…]

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